Neveen Dominic is Changing the World…One Red Lipstick at a Time!

Neveen Dominic

As mentioned in my previous article, True Beauty Online is being brought into a new direction. One that God has instilled upon my heart and one that I must obey in order to flourish.

It is one that I am honored to share with you as the days pass and I am excited to go on this journey.

I am pleased and very excited to introduce you to a beautiful woman of God, Neveen Dominic. I have known Neveen for about 3 years, and during this time, I have seen her flourish and become a successful womanpreneur.

Neveen Dominic

She has definitely learned the true meaning of what it is to embrace your True Beauty.

 My gosh, does this woman have a story to tell! 

Born and raised in South Sudan and then living a majority of her childhood in Egypt, Neveen did not have it easy. She lived a life full of low self-esteem, lack of confidence and hatred for herself. 


Because she was different.

Her skin color was different. There are many times throughout your life where people will feel the need to tear you down. Perhaps it’s because of their lack of confidence or lack of self-love. 

This is what happened to Neveen. She was caught in a situation for years that brought her into a world of teasing, extreme bullying, and severe depression. 

“The most horrible moment that I have ever had to experience was when kids began throwing garbage at me saying I was a human garbage truck. That hurt”, Neveen exclaimed.

But, it was moments like these that pushed Neveen to strive forward to fully embrace her True Beauty. They allowed her faith to grow even stronger and it allowed her to move past all her struggles and walk with God knowing that everything is going to be ok. Knowing that this is a moment where your faith will be tested and whether you are strong enough to move past it.

Neveen definitely had many, many tests along her journey. 

It goes without saying that being of South Sudanese descent, Neveen had to endure a life of trials, tribulations and tests.

Not just with bullying but with religious discrimination being a strong Christian. Due to the many political issues Neveen and her family had to face in South Sudan, they had to make the trek to Egypt.

The life that she had endured there was not any better…it was a life where she had to prove her worth.

“Some of us even resorted to bleaching our skin to look more like an Egyptian skin tone in order to be accepted…that was pretty much my biggest struggle.”

Still, Neveen held on to the little hope that she had and it was her faith that kept her going. “Coming to Canada was like a light at the end of the tunnel for me.”

Speaking with Neveen, and given her past history with racial slews, she wasn’t sure if it would get better. “This is the end of me,” Neveen says laughing.

Little did she know that, her life was about to change. 

“Canadians were so welcoming to my skin tone and went out of their way to help me. I couldn’t believe it. I finally regained my self-esteem coming to Canada.”

By then, Neveen was a mother of 3 beautiful children. She was now responsible for not just her life, but the lives of her children.

“My children are my biggest why. I want to build a legacy that they’ll be proud of. I want them to appreciate what they have and not take everything that they have for granted. And my answer to everything is God. I give all the glory to God. Honestly, i should’ve died multiple times in the past. If it wasn’t for the grace of God, I wouldn’t even be here.

He wants to use me as a vessel to empower others.” 

So, what’s next for Neveen Dominic?

Since arriving in Canada, Neveen has made such an incredible name for herself utilizing the story that she has come to know for years…her story.

She founded her own not-for-profit organization called Beauty Response to Cancer, which offers assistance for Cancer patients dealing with the cosmetic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Patients who are clients of Neveen’s worthwhile organization receive free wigs and cosmetics.

Neveen has also showed her passion and determination in thriving to get ahead in life by creating her very own skincare and cosmetics brand, Neveen Dominic Cosmetics.

She has been all over the world with her company…Australia, LA, Toronto, New York and her most recent adventure… London, England! Everybody is just so excited to follow Neveen’s adventures with her cosmetic company.

Her most recent launch, Juba Collection is taking the beauty industry by storm! “Aside from my own personal struggle, for African American girls, like myself, it’s really hard to find foundation…foundation and a red lipstick. I believe that it’s really an industry flaw because the industry just focuses on ivory skin and olive skin tones, but they didn’t really care about dark skinned people. For me, that is a niche that I want to capitalize on. Part of it is my story and people relate to it so I am super excited to launch the Juba Collection.”

Neveen Dominic Juba Collection

Neveen is a true testament to believing what is possible for your life. Your story is what truly matters and it is what will bring you the greatest joy once you have the courage (and the faith) to fully embrace it.

If you’re currently struggling through some rough times in your life, allow Neveen’s story to encourage you. Remember that, no matter what you’re going through, there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. Remember to put your trust in God and bring your worry up to Him, because through Him, you can conquer anything.

“I don’t strive to be the richest girl in the world, but I want to be the most influential. I just want to inspire a lot of people and give them hope because I have been in hopeless places many times in my life…I am proud of my faith because the word of God has given me life (literally) in situations…I have contemplated taking my own life multiple times before and that, to me, is the lowest point of hopelessness. The word of God is what brought me from that place to be where I am today and to continue giving me the strength to keep on going forward.”

~Neveen Dominic, Neveen Dominic Cosmetics

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