Focus on the Littlest Blessings of Life…They Have More Meaning Than You Know

Focus on the Littlest Blessings of Life...They Have More Meaning Than You Know

Blessings will happen when you least expect them. Sometimes they’re little and sometimes they’re the greatest that you’ve ever seen.

No matter the situation, you must learn to appreciate the little things in life as those are the greatest blessings that you will ever come across.

~Lis Perez

This has come as an incredible reminder for me over the last couple weeks.

My family and I were put in a situation that God took us out of imminently….a car accident. Although it was a minor one in the public’s eyes, to me, we were confronted with a Focus on the Littlest Blessings of Life...They Have More Meaning Than You Knowmajor situation.

The only thing that stopped us from leaving this Earth so abruptly was our guardian angels.

It is our faith that stopped us from going over the edge of the ramp, breaking that cement beam that blocked our way, and being in immense pain.

Some of you may laugh, may roll your eyes at what I’m saying or some of you may think I’m over exaggerating.

But, I know the truth.

I know what happened.

Any type of accident, big or small, is scary.

To me, it perfectly realigns my faith and my absolute strength in God.

This accident clearly reminded me that our human life can be gone in a blink and in an instant. It is within that instant that your life suddenly flashes before you and you hope, and you pray, that you did whatever you can and helped as many as you can before it was too late.

It is moments such as these, that forcibly remind you of the blessings that you are living.

Of the blessing and the power of life and learning to appreciate the smaller things that life has to offer.

Focus on the Littlest Blessings of Life...They Have More Meaning Than You Know

That cement beam, as weird as it may sound has so much more meaning for me now.

It is what has stopped us from leaving this Earth so quickly…that just goes to show me that God’s work through us is not done yet. We have more to accomplish for God’s Kingdom and His Glory. It is beautiful. It is impactful and it is heart-wrenching. Being put in situations such as this that we confronted makes you realize and you tend to ask yourself: Am I ready to leave this Earth? Am I prepared to say good-bye? Have I done all that God has wanted me to do? Is my mission complete?

Those questions are so unbelievably profound that it truly makes you wonder what those answer are. Only you can answer them.

In the end, accidents are a distraction.

Accidents are a complete demonstration that hits you right between your eyes in order to truly remain focused on God and fully understand what truly matters in your life.

Ask yourself this: Do those material things of life really matter? Or is it those rare, beautiful moments to make memories with your loved ones?

Be honest with yourself.

If it is the materialistic things, learn to realign your focus.

Change your mentality and learn to embrace your faith and your heart for what it truly means. 

This is what our accident has done for me.

I’ve never been into the materialistic concept of life, but it has allowed me to learn to fully embrace those little things that life has to offer…including those cement beams on the road.

It has aligned my thoughts to something so unimaginable and so incredible that I can’t stop thanking God in my heart for that man-made infrastructure. It is little, yes, but it is a strong reminder that everything in life matters.

Don’t let minor distractions lose your focus on what’s important.

Be at one with the Lord, increase your faith and love and embrace others as God has embraced His children.

It is powerful.

And it is the only strength you need while working on your mission. Trust it.

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Lis Perez

Lis Perez is the founder of True Beauty Online as well as True Beauty Gala. She is Co-founder, along with her husband of 13 years, of an international online branding agency, called Empower Media in affiliation with Empower Media TV where they 'Work Together to Empower You.' She has a huge passion for helping others and is a huge advocate for True Beauty and surely shows it as she helps many women and teens overcome self-esteem issues and find their Hidden Jewel as an Empowerment Coach for Women in her own business, Hidden Jewel Consulting. When she's not being her entrepreneurial self, you can usually find her spending time with her two teenage daughters and husband or planning the next True Beauty Gala. ~Transforming Your Heart, Empowering Your Soul!!~ ~ Believe in the Power to Change the World with Your Smile!~

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