Don’t Take Life For Granted

Don't Take Life for Granted

On October 22, we celebrated our 5th Annual True Beauty Gala.

I am in awe at the amount of support we received during the last 10 months of planning. To see everything unfold after MONTHS of planning and asking the community for help, I was in amazement. This year was incredibly special…after years of getting ready and planning, True Beauty Foundation is officially a registered non-profit organization. Thank you to all those involved, and that have shown their love and support while we embark on this life-changing worldwide endeavor.

The incredible love, friendship and support that everyone has shown towards our 3 amazing beneficiary families was heart wrenching. Don't Take Life for Granted

Don't Take Life for GrantedLaura Phillips, whom has stage 4 colon cancer, and her family traveled 6 hours from their new home in Salmon Arm, BC to be with us at the gala and offer an empowering speech regarding the journey she is going through. We are so grateful for her new friendship.

Finding out that he was one of our beneficiaries as well was an absolute surprising twist for one of our incredible Emcees, Mr. Allan Stickle. Allan has stage 4 colorectal cancer, PTSD and he is a remarkable retired fire fighter. He is such an inspiration to many, and we are grateful for his heart of sharing his journey as our Emcee.

Stephanie Staples, who was just recently diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor at 33 years old, and her family couldn’t be with us that night, but her presence was there. On October 25, just a couple days after the gala, she was having surgery, so her efforts to prepare were there. My prayers are with her and her recovery.

Don't Take Life for Granted

My heart goes out to each and every one of our beneficiary families and my prayers are with each and every one of them. Upon speaking with them and getting to know them these last couple months, they have all taught me one common thing:

Don’t take life for granted.

Regardless of the journeys they face and endure, their hearts exude positivity. It is empowering. When speaking with Al, and offering him a compliment, he simply says, ‘I’m just Al.’

You know, he’s right.

He’s just Al, and I’m just Lis. His heart is humble. Going through this life, and taking our own journeys, we should all learn to be humble. Take that pride away, and learn to let God take over your heart. We all exude humility within us…many of us just need to learn to let it out. 

So many in my path ask me why I organize True Beauty Gala year after year. Why put in an obscene amount of effort for just one night? Why take time away from your family, your business, your personal life to continue doing this? Is it really worth all this stress?

This is what I tell them:

Yes it is. It may be ridiculously stressful (and trust me, there’s no doubt about that), and it may take a lot of effort to put something like this together, but, in the end, I feel it changes a life.

Not just one, but many.

And, you know what…even if it only changes one, then I’ve done something right.

Organizing True Beauty Gala, putting the foundation in place with the right people, brings out a sense of humility within me…I’ve learned to ask for help on more than one occasion, and when people walk out of the event that night, I know they felt empowered. I can see it in their eyes and the smiles on their faces.

Seeing our beneficiaries speak each and every year, and watching the cancer thrivers walk that runway, with grace, elegance and humility, loving the fact that they didn’t allow cancer to rule their life, it changes your perspective.

It changes your life. 

This is why i do it. This is why I will continue to do it. God is allowing me to leave this legacy for my family. For my girls. 

And it’s not just for one night.

True Beauty foundation now exists in this world. Cheers to this legacy and cheers to this footprint that will make its mark. I’m ready.

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Lis Perez

Lis Perez is the founder of True Beauty Online as well as True Beauty Gala. She is Co-founder, along with her husband of 13 years, of an international online branding agency, called Empower Media in affiliation with Empower Media TV where they 'Work Together to Empower You.' She has a huge passion for helping others and is a huge advocate for True Beauty and surely shows it as she helps many women and teens overcome self-esteem issues and find their Hidden Jewel as an Empowerment Coach for Women in her own business, Hidden Jewel Consulting. When she's not being her entrepreneurial self, you can usually find her spending time with her two teenage daughters and husband or planning the next True Beauty Gala. ~Transforming Your Heart, Empowering Your Soul!!~ ~ Believe in the Power to Change the World with Your Smile!~

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